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Stamp art is all the rage in the craft and hobby world. With so many rubber stamps to choose from, creating adorable stamp art is easier today than ever before. Stamp art comes in so many styles and designs. Everything from scrapbook pages to handmade greeting cards, even plates and baby rooms can be forms of stamp art. With so many new types of stamp art being created, there arose a need for ways to "show off" your artist creations. It wasn't long before the stamping art found its way into online stamp galleries.

Stamp art galleries on the internet are showing up every month. There are many ways for the stamp artist to show off their unique creations and works of art. One way is the online stamp gallery. There are many websites which offer the ability to post stamped art projects. Most of them are very simple to use and free to signup. A good stamp art gallery will also have the ability for other stamp artists to leave comments and vote on your artwork. Having others comment on your stamp projects can be a great way to get a new idea for your next stamping day! Despite popular belief, an online stamp art gallery isn't the only way to display your artwork...how about framing your stamp art?

Framed stamp art is becoming even more popular these days. Have a wonderful scrapcard or scrapbooking page? Why shove it away in an album when you can display it proudly on a wall for everyone to admire and enjoy. Framed stamp art is a wonderful personal alternative to expensive paintings and artwork and you will appreciate your investment of crafting time being put to long term exposure. Why not hang some framed stamp art today? After all, there are many new types of frameable stamp art today...not just cards and scrapbook pages!

Rubber stamp art at one time consisted of not much beyond simple scrapbook pages and handmade greeting cards. Today, rubber stamps are used in many different types of projects and using many different artistic mediums. Rubber stamp art in the past used simple pigment or dye based ink. You'll enjoy how many bazaar types of stamp art that can be found, from rubber chicken stamp art using chicken stamps to vintage Eiffel Tower designs on artist trading cards. Gone are the days of the artist only using pigment and dye based inks. Everything from tea dye, watermark ink, markers, solvent inks, acrylic paint, and even bleach are being used to create totally unique rubber stamp art projects. You might be a bit surprised to discover that rubber stamp art isn't just being made by crafty women!

Traditionally, the stamp artist was a women who had lots of crafting experience. Today, hundreds of women and men alike are finding the joy of becoming a stamp artist. Stamping can be therapeutic for some, while others enjoy making rubber stamping projects to put a smile on someone's face. For many stamp artists, the economics of stamp art play a part in their decision. With traditional store bought greeting cards costing as much as four dollars, stamp art and card making make for a great solution. Oftentimes, the handmade stamped card is much more appreciated and unique for the recipient. Go ahead, stamp artist, start your next work of stamping art today!!!

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