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If you've been scramping anytime lately, you know, the rubber stamps are one of the easiest ways to add special pizzazz to your scrap booking album. Rubber stamping and scrap booking go hand in hand, but it's important to use the right materials when working with any scrapbook project.

If you've ever talked with someone who's used rubber stamps and scrapbooks, and they've been very disappointed, they will usually tell you that they spent a long amount of time getting the scrapbook just perfect, only to ruin it by having a rubber stamp that didn't ink the paper properly. Chances are they spent a long amount of time getting their scrapbook layout just the way it needed to be, and "ruined" it very quickly.

It's always very important to pre-stamp your image on a piece of paper. many times before applying the final stamp onto your scrapbook layout. This ensures that you get a good impression on your scrapbook layout and will preserve all of your hard work and time invested.

For those of you who've been using rubber stamps for many years you've probably already developed the exact way that you like to ink up a rubber stamp, depending on what types of inks, dyes, or paints you're using. Chances are that if you just started using rubberstamps, you may not have developed a style that you like. The easiest way to make sure you have good solid uniform coverage on your rubber stamp is to tap it, rotating the stamp a little bit each time so that you get good consistent coverage.

If you've ever used art stamps with scrapbooks, you've undoubtedly done the inevitable and touched the stamped image or placed it under another piece of paper causing a smudge to appear on your scrapbook layout. One little trick that many scrapbookers like to use is to hold a heat embossing tool many inches away from the scrapbook page just to apply a dry heat to the ink. It will dry faster than if you just leave it exposed to room temperature air.

If you're a crafter who uses craft stamps on scrapbooks, chances are, you have many different types of rubber stamps that are specifically designed to be used with scrapbook layouts. So what do you do if you just started scrap booking that you have lots of rubber stamps? Smaller art rubber stamps that are traditionally used in card making can make great patterned background paper. Larger rubber stamps can go on the corners, center sections, or be any part of your scrapbook layout. Rubber stamps are also frequently used to make mattes for photos to be attached in your layout.

For archival purposes you want to make sure that you buy an acid-free spray to cover your scrapbook layout, or select specific products, inks, and dyes to create acid-free projects. You want to make sure that your scrapbooks and rubber stamped images remain for many to see for years to come.

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