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Using Rubber Stamps With Scrapbooks

Scrap booking is a craft that provides a tremendous amount of enjoyment and excitement to people who get involved in the hobby. Whether someone is young or old, a woman or a man, scrap booking can be a very enjoyable hobby to begin at any age. People who enjoy scrap booking enjoy finding new and unique ways to make their layouts more creative, and to make their albums look much better. Chances are if you walk into any craft and hobby store their are literally hundreds of items that you can buy to make your scrapbook albums look professional, whether it's stickers, or glitter, glue, or pieces of foam. There are so many ways that you can embellish your scrapbook layouts. One great way to embellish a scrapbook album is with the use of rubber stamps. Rubber stamps are becoming more popular each year as unique designs come out, and rubberstamps are now being made specifically to target scrapbookers.

Usually people would use things like stickers, glitter, embossing powder, or many other various embellishments. Only recently have rubberstamps become such a popular way to make scrapbook layouts that much more professional. People who are just getting involved in scrap booking are amazed to find out that it's much more but a craft. Scrap booking actually is a way to kind of explore your past and remember exciting events and memories, and people take their scrapbook albums very personally because they realize that this is one way that they're going to hand down some of their history and their memories to the next generation. Today there are literally hundreds of rubber stamp companies that specialize in making not just your traditional card making rubber stamp, but they actually specialize in making stamps that are designed in such a way that they work well with scrap booking layouts. A specific way is through the use of rubber stamp sets. Rubber stamp sets are usually sold in sets of three to five images. They provide a themed look which allows you to keep a consistent theme on your scrap booking layouts. Everything looks sharper and more professional, and yet you get the speed of using rubber stamp as opposed to having to use all the other more time consuming techniques.

Let us take a minute and talk about some different types of rubber stamps that work well with scrapbooks. First of all, many people like the large monogram rubber stamps. Large monogram rubber stamps are great for doing scrapbook pages themed around a particular person in your family. By taking a large monogram rubber stamp of your child's first name, it will allow you to make a themed scrapbook page around in event in their life. Chances are that you'll be able to find themed scrap booking rubber stamps that will go with any event in your life. Flower rubber stamps are very popular because they can be traditionally be used in any season, they can be used for pattern stamps or backgrounds of scrapbook pages, or they can just be used as an embellishment on the corners, and they go well with the general themes of scrapbook albums.

Recently some of the most popular stamps used in scrap booking problems are clear acrylic stamps. Clear stamps are often referred to as clear rubber stamps but the truth is that clear stamps are made from a liquid photopolymer. The best clear stamps are made from unique photo polymers that resists tearing and color changes. They shouldn't be overly sticky too soft. They should also resist drying out. Not all clear stamps are created equal. Clear stamps are very helpful for the scrapbooker because they allow you to see the exact, precise placement of the stamp on the scrapbook page. Another great benefit of clear stamps is that you can make up names with a single alphabets set and you can use them over and over. Clear stamps are flexible, so they can actually be bent out of shape to make unique designs.

If you're one of those people who has enjoyed scrap booking, but you've never tried rubberstamps in your scrapbook albums, I encourage you to pick up some good quality rubber stamps that you can use for all of your scrap booking themes. By selecting rubber stamp sets that have consistent themes you will be able to use it year round in various parts of your scrapbook album. While you may use rubber stamps in one part of the album with traditional dyes or inks, in another part of the album you can use the same rubberstamps only using embossing powders the glitters and glues. Embossing powders and glitters allow you to create raised stamp images that look fantastic in scrap booking albums. Go ahead and get some rubberstamps and try them in your scrapbook albums today. You are going to be amazed at how well and how professional your scrap booking albums look and also how much time you saved over the many tedious tasks you could have done to embellish that page.

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