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Rubber Stamping And Scrapbooking Adhesives

After designing all of the elements that will make up your scrapbooking page or greeting card, you'll need to fasten them all together. Here are just a few of the most popular adhesives that will make your projects last a lifetime.

Spray Adhesive: One of the newer options for the stamper and scrapbooker to fasten paper and embellishments is sprayed adhesive. Krylon and 3M are both popular brands and provide excellent coverage and strength. One major advantage to spray adhesive is the ability to put a light coat and the ability to have wrinkle free projects.

Glue Sticks: Can you imagine that the glue stick you used in grade school has now become a best friend again! Glue sticks are a useful scrapbooking adhesive since they provide immediate tack and dry quickly.

Foam Tape: Two-sided foam with sticky adhesive provides a way to elevate photos and embellishments off the surface of your scrapbook page or card stock.

Double-Sided Tape: This tape is perfect to adhere photos and card stock immediately to your surface.

Vellum Tape: This thin double-sided tape works perfectly to adhere vellum to the surface invisibly.

Glue Dots: This may be the most fun adhesive, since it is usually housed in a role dispenser. Lifting the dots with your fingers and dabbing onto your surface makes pictures, embellishments, ribbon, and metal accents stick firmly.

Hot Glue: For the heaviest objects to remain in a firm hold for many years, you may want to use a glue gun. You can purchase both low heat and high heat hot glue, but low heat will fasten your object quicker.

Liquid Glue: One of the classics, liquid glue is a simple, cheap way to fasten paper products. To get a smooth even spread, use a foam brush and allow it to dry without repositioning to avoid wrinkles.

Photo Tabs: These double-sided squares usually come in role dispensers and are perfect to fasten corners of photos quickly.
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