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Rubber Stamping Colorant Applicators

When most people think about applying a colorant to a rubber stamp, their first thought is probably of an ink pad. There are however many other ways to apply colorants to rubber stamps, which will provide unique textures to work with. You'll need to experiment with these different applicators to see which ones work best with your rubber stamps and stamping projects. Each of them provides a very different look. Here are just a few of them unique applicators you can use with your rubber stamps.

Sponges: There are many different sizes, textures and densities of sponges that can be used to apply various colorants to your rubber stamps. Sponges are often good for making splotchy non-uniform coverage that looks unique. You will find in most instances that a damp sponge works best.

Paint Brushes: Most people use paint brushes to apply paint rubber stamps but you can also use them to apply other colorants as well. Since brushes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and densities they can provide a wide array of textures. Using the right size brush can make covering the surface of the stamp much easier. Foam brushes also provide a soft, textured look. Remember that you only need to paint the raised surface of the stamp since all other areas will not be imprinted. This can be accomplished by making like gentle strokes across the surface.

Q-Tips: These are perfect for applying watercolors and chalks to the surface of your rubber stamp or to apply the colorants directly to the stamped image on your workspace. Since they are very cheap, they are a quick, disposable applicator for many colorants.

Cotton Balls: Want to create a cloudy or smoky effect? Do you need soft hues for specific area of the stamp? Cotton balls are wonderful way to mix-and-match colors, since you can simply throw it away after you're finished. You can use fresh cotton balls for every stamp pad or colorant you are using in order to avoid mixing the colors of the original.

Baby Wipes: You probably never imagined using these in rubber stamping. You can fold a baby wipe on top of itself two or three times to make a nice "stamp pad like" surface to work with. Since it is already damp, it makes a perfect surface to mix-and-match your own inks. Also try lightly dusting the baby wipes with chalks to get a soft, pastel pad to stamp with.

Spritzer: You'll find this in your local craft and hobby store if you already don't have one. This unique tool makes it possible to provide an air brush or spatter effect with a simple marker. Some of them come ready to fit many different marker sizes. Others are made only for specific brand markers. Check the manufacturer and instructions to determine which type of spritzer you have purchased.

Brayer: You'll find rubber and plastic brayers-some that are hard and some are soft. Rubber brayers work wonderfully to transfer multicolored ink pads to the rubber stamp. Brayers are also an excellent choice if you need to cover the surface area of a large stamp and want an even layer. You will find small as well is very large brayers. If you're having a hard time finding just the right size, make sure to check online. There are also specific brayers that are used to apply textures to your rubber stamp.

Fabric: Try experimenting with different fabric textures to apply colorants to your rubber stamps. You will find that the texture weave of the fabric will be seen on the rubber stamped image and will provide a very unique look. You can buy a very small amount of fabric and cut into little squares to use with the different colorants.

While there are many different applicators to apply colorants to rubber stamps, we have tried to give you just a few more ideas for making your rubber stamping projects truly unique. Experiment today with these applicators to see what kinds of unique textures you can come up with.
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