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Rubber stamping is becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States and worldwide. At first glance it may be hard to see why a block of wood, some foam, and a piece of rubber could start a crafting craze. After all, what can really be done with a piece of rubber? Whether you have picked up a stamp for the first time, or have been making rubber impressions for a decade or more, as soon as you begin rubber stamping, you will know immediately why this craft has become a favorite with so many. Rubberstamping has taken on many forms and has been used on many different types of arts and crafts projects. The two most notable papercraft projects using rubber stamps are scrapbooking and cardmaking. Both young and old, male and female are discovering the enjoyment that rubber stamping can be in creating art projects.

Making your very own rubber stamped card for the first time may seem a bit tedious. After all, wouldn't it just be easier to purchase a greeting card. Most crafter's find out that after just a few minutes working with rubber stamps and cardstock, the fun of creating a handmade rubber stamping card is exciting! Rubber stamping card making is just one way to make unique greeting cards for friends and family. They'll appreciate the time and effort that went into creating their card and you'll enjoy working with the various stamping supplies and the finished artwork.

Not only has card making become a mainstream use for rubber stamps, scrapbook rubber stamping has become a huge industry as well. Using rubber stamps with scrapbook page layouts and decorating scrapbooking albums with stamp sets has become a favorite hobby for so many crafters. With the rise of themed stamping sets, the ability to create adorable scrapbook pages that are themed and look professional has never been easier. Scrap books have a special place since they capture the memories and emotions of an event. Rubber stamping is a quick and easy way to make your scrapbooks the best they can be!

While cardmaking and scrapbooking are the two largest craft markets that use rubber stamps, rubber stamping crafts have taken off in many different areas. These days, everything from artist trading cards, stamped tins, handmade gift bags and tags, and even mailboxes stamped with rubber stamps are becoming the norm. As you begin using a rubber stamping technique, you will quickly discover how many different ways to use rubber stamps as well as how many different mediums your artwork can be displayed on. Using different inks, dyes, chalks, paints, and pastels will allow you to experiment with different textures and surfaces in your rubber stamping.

With the rise of the many new uses and markets for rubber stamps, one thing is for sure, rubber stamping supplies are coming in all types and for all styles. There are hundreds of different colors of ink available online, thousands of types and colors of card stock, and a plethora of products designed to assist the rubber stamper. Rubber stamping supplies are usually inexpensive and many will last for years to come. Rubber stamping has truly become a hobby of hobbies and thousands have begun stamping and enjoying it! Why not try your hand at rubber stamping?

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