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Using Chalks With Rubber Stamps & Scrapbooking

Are you looking for a great new way to add color to all of your paper craft projects? How about using chalk? Chalks are a fantastic method for adding color to your paper craft projects without breaking the bank. You'll enjoy using chalks on paper. Rubber stamps and in many different techniques.

First things first, don't think that in order to make a great chalk project that you need to run out and buy a bunch of expensive chalk supplies applicators sponges and brushes. If you have even done a fair amount of crafting chances are you already have everything you need to begin using chalks in your paper craft projects. You can use Q-tips, cotton balls, old sponges, tissue paper, and old towels when applying chalks to your projects. A pack of child's craft chalk can go a long way in be used many times. No need to buy expensive chalks.

To begin working with chalk you want to practice on a few pieces of scrap paper. Start by blending colors to see which work well together. Allow yourself to feel how more pressure affects intensity of the colors. See which colors blend well together. Try gently brushing the chalk on the edges of paper to give it a special look. You can also sprinkle chalk dust over top of versa marked stamp images in order to give them a special unique look.

Oh no, it you make a mistake? Have no fear. Take an eraser and gently rub the chalk, and you'll be amazed to see it disappear. Chalks are much more forgiving in that way than inks are.

Once you are satisfied with how you chalk image looks, you want to use a commercial chalk setting agent to hold everything in place. This will keep your chalks bright and colorful and will keep them from smearing the rest of the image. Chances are you may have tried to use gel sprains or hairspray is to set chalk. Resist that temptation. While they are common items that are on hand in house, they can easily hurt your scrapbook albums, and the acidity can affect your pictures and other embellishments. Not to mention your projects will smell like hairspray. It is always best to use a commercial setting agent. Look for one that has low or no odor. Your projects will look much better using a commercial setting agent.

If you have rubber stamps and a versa mark pad, you can gently brush the chalks across the stamp image making light strokes, and you will be amazed at how beautiful the outcome of the stamp image is.

While you may be able to find many types of chalks in your local craft and hobby store, don't forget to watch sales online, because you can often find some very unique colors, chalks you've never seen before, simply by looking online. Chalks are lightweights are shipping shouldn't be an issue. Broken chalks can be crushed into a powder and use with her versa mark as well.

Make sure to store your chalks in a very dry container. It is best to keep them from banging around so that they don't break apart. One easy way to do this is by using bubble wrap inside a Tupperware container. You can wrap many different chalks in a tube to keep them from rolling around. These chalks will last you for many years. Because chalks are inexpensive, you can experiment with them, without having any deal of using something too much. They store well. They look great. Give them a try on your next paper craft project.

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