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Rubber Stamping And Embossing

While you may enjoy traditional rubber stamping with rubber stamps and ink pads, many stampers have found they can enjoy their rubber stamps even more when they begin using them with dry embossing and heat embossing powders. Many rubber stamping companies even sell coordinated embossing stencils that can be used with matching rubber stamps. If you haven't ever tried dry embossing before, why not start today?

Tools: Almost all rubber stampers are aware that you can use dry embossing powder and a heat gun to make wonderful raised images with your rubber stamps. Many people have never tried dry embossing their favorite cards and scrapbooking pages. The only thing you'll need to begin dry embossing are a light box, dry embossing stylus, stencils or templates, tape, and your favorite scrapbooking card stock or paper. You'll also need a good hard surface that is at the proper working height to allow you to press firmly down.

Usage: Most rubber stamping and scrapbooking hobbyists are aware of the proper way to dry emboss. If you've never worked with dry embossing before, here's a quick, simple explanation of the process. Place your dry embossing stencils on the light box. Secure them in place with tape (double sided tape is a quick and easy solution. Using the correct end of the stylus for the stencil size, trace in the groove portion of the stencil seen through the card stock, causing a raised embossed surface on the front side. You can also create an embossed surface by lightly wetting the card stock and gently pressing the paper fibers using your rubber stamps. The best backing is a foam mouse pad. This will create an embossed image that has the same look of the rubber stamp you're using. This is especially useful for stamps that are sold in coordinated sets. It allows you to make wonderfully coordinated embossed backgrounds alongside of the inked stamps used on the card or scrapbooking page.

Decorations: Now that you have an embossed card stock surface, you can embellish the card stock. You'll create unique effects with watercolors, colored pencils, ink pads, and chalk. By lightly applying these mediums over the embossed image, you will create beautifully textured works of art. You may also combine mediums such as watercolors and colored pencils, to create truly unique looks on the embossed card stock.

Alternatives: To create a truly stunning three-dimensional look, use an embossing pad (a glue pad will also work) and lightly dab the surface of the embossed image being careful not to touch the non embossed portion of the paper. You can now sprinkle embossing powder over the raised image, and after shaking away the excess powder, you can use a heat gun to create a highly raised image. To create "glazed" look, use clear, translucent embossing powder over the embossed image.

Once you've had an opportunity to begin working with dry embossing and embossing powders, you'll quickly discover that this technique allows you to create truly stunning artwork for all of your scrapbook albums and rubber stamping projects. There are many online vendors which sell truly wonderful embossing stencils, which you can use over and over on all of your projects. Why not try embossing today?
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