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Rubber Stamping And Scrapbooking Albums

If you've spent any time working with rubber stamps and scrapbooking, you'll quickly find the need to have a good album to put all of your creations in. Albums come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. You can find small albums that are perfect for your scrapbooking, and any paper craft project you decide to create. Here are just a few of the most popular types of scrapbooking albums.

Three-Ring: Three-ring albums are often thought of as a standard school supply item. They feature round or D-shaped rings, and inserting new pages is very easy. These types of albums are also very popular, because three-hole punches are easy to find at any office supply store. Three-ring scrapbooking albums are made especially for large-format 12 x 12 scrapbooking pages. You can also find 8.5 x 11 albums. One small drawback to a three-ring album is the large gap between the facing pages. This can be a problem if you want to make coordinated pages.

Spiral-Bound: Not just school notebooks are spiral-bound anymore. With the price of spiral-bound binders being very affordable many scrapbookers are enjoying making custom albums with these tools. You can also buy special kits designed to make spiral-bound scrapbooking albums. These can be purchased at your local craft and hobby store. The major advantage of the spiral-bound album is the fact that you can fold it on top of itself for easy viewing.

Mini Albums: As the name would imply, these small scrapbooking albums are perfect to give as gifts and hold very small pages, tags, cards, and homemade embellishments. You can make an adorable mini album with simple cloth covered chipboard punched with holes down the spine, tied together with ribbon.

Half Pint: These albums are perfect for scrapbook pages that are 8.5" x 5". They usually come in three-ring format. You may also find spiral-bound half pint kits.

Strap-Hinge: The scrapbooking albums come with pages that are held in place by a plastic strap. You will need to place paper over top of the pages in the album or use the paper as the background for your scrapbooking page. These albums have a very professional look since they come in a solid binder format.

Post-Bound: A post-bound album has two or three metal fasteners down the spine that hold the pages in place. Most post-bound albums have the ability to add post extenders to provide for additional album pages. These albums also are wonderful, like the three-ring album, since you can quickly insert pages and change the order of existing pages.

Alternative Albums: There are a host of scrapbooking companies who have come up with extremely creative ways to hold your scrapbooking pages in their custom album systems. Most of these albums are similar to traditional albums but use innovative ways to make inserting and removing pages easier. One such system is the Snap Load system which uses a unique plastic snap in the center of album which allows painlessly simple insertion and organization of scrapbook pages.

Chances are, spending a few moments at your local craft and hobby store, you will quickly find there are hundreds of different styles of albums, designs of albums, album kits, and luxury albums that can hold any variety, style, and design of scrapbooking pages. Selecting just the right scrapbooking album for your project will preserve your memories for a lifetime, and ensure that your hard work is cherished from generation to generation!
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